You’re perhaps aware that the oil produced by your skin helps in keeping it healthy. The oil protects the skin against dust and dirt, and always keeps it moisturized. However, production of excess oil can cause your facial skin to become too oily, resulting in pimples and large pores. So are you facing this problem? Don’t worry! Here are some helpful tricks.

Use mild face wash

Use oil-clearing face wash twice daily. By doing so, the stored oil in your follicles is clean. Keep in mind that do not use too much rigid cleanser or your skin may be get rough.

Use blotting sheet

Blotting sheet contains glycol acid which helps in reducing oil. You can use it sometime or once in two days.

Use of Mask

Multani clay mask is best for removing oil or dirt from the face. Use it once a week. Mixing honey and butter in it will not make the skin dry.

Take care of your diet

Anti-oxidant and omega 3 fatty acids gives you healthy skin. In general, do not eat foods that have high sugar or fat.

Keep Facial at Focus

If you are doing facial then do not have steam facial. Because it removes moisturizer from your skin and makes it oily.

Invest in a good sunscreen lotion.

A water based mattefying sunscreen is a good choice for oily skin as it helps keep your face shine free and gives you the protection you need. Look for at least SPF30++ for the best sunscreen effect!

Meet Dermatologists

There may be an internal problem due to your oily skin. If you feel like this, then contact a good dermatologist.

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