Radish for liver

Liver is your body’s primary cleansing system, it constantly burns fats and keeps your blood purified. This vital organ produces  alkaline fluid for healthy digestion and disposes of toxins from processed foods, medicines, alcoholic beverages and environmental pollutants. Maintaining a healthy liver ensures overall good health.


The radish is a vegetable that is considered a root crop. It contains a lot of juice and comes in several colors, including white, red, purple and black. The health properties of the radish are well-documented. It cleanse the liver, prevent constipation and provide a remedy for kidney stones.


Sulfur-based chemicals in radishes help increase the flow of bile, assisting the liver and improving digestion. Radishes contain diastase, an enzyme that aids digestion of starches. A Japanese folk remedy uses daikon radish and carrot juice to reduce hardened fat deposits.


Cleansing With Radish Juice
Radishes are super detoxifiers for the liver and gallbladder, and help the kidneys flush out excess toxins. They protect the body against infection, and they’re anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.

Juicing radishes allows your body to absorb more of the nutrients than you would from eating them whole, due to the volume it would take to eat radishes vs. juicing them. If you suffer from kidney stones, drinking radish juice can help dissolve stones so you can pass them more quickly.

Ingredients: 1 cup Radish, 1 cup Purple Cabbage, 1 rib Celery
Instructions: Wash your produce and run all ingredients through a juicer.


Radish salad
Salad is almost like making a fresh pickle. Pressing veggies with some vinegar and salt has the same effect as cooking. It makes the dish more digestible yet preserves the active living enzymes in the plants.

Ingredients: 4 cups red radishes, thinly sliced,1 cup black radishes, thinly sliced,1 cup apple, thinly sliced, 2 tbsp tamari, 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp toasted sesame oil, ½ cup fresh basil, chopped, 2 tbsp Gomasio

Directions: Place sliced radishes and apples in a large mixing bowl. Add the dressing and mix well. Place another bowl over the vegetables and press down. Weigh the bowl down with a jug of water or other heavy object. Press vegetables for 25 minutes. Remove bowl, and drain off excess liquid. Top with chopped basil and Gomasio


Radishes have a warming, stimulating effect. If you experience inflammation such as gastritis, ulcers or excess digestive heat, we recommends minimizing the use of radishes in your diet. Always consult with your doctor regarding changes in your dietary habits.

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