Like lower tummy fat, it is difficult to lose stubborn arm fat. No matter how hard you workout, it seems impossible to get rid of the jiggly flesh. The most effective way to tone arms is being physically active. However, there are several exercises to lose arm fat and if you are done lifting the dumbbells, then do not worry, there are many yoga asanas that will help you to get toned arms. These asanas target your upper back and arms. So, spread your yoga mat and get ready to practice the following yoga asanas to get rid of arm fat.

1. Poorvottanasana (Upward plank pose)

Poorvottanasana or the upward plank pose strengthens your shoulders, arms, wrists and back. It also stimulates your thyroid glands and stretches hips, abdomen and legs.

How to do it:

  • Sit up with the legs stretched out straight in front of you, keeping the feet together and the spine erect. .
  • Place the palms on the floor around the waist or at shoulder level, fingertips pointing away from you. Do not bend the arms. .
  • Lean back and support the weight of your body with your hands. .
  • Breathing in, raise the pelvis up, keeping the whole body straight. .
  • Keep your knees straight and bring the feet flat to the floor. Place the toes on the ground and the sole will then tend to be on the ground. Let the head fall back towards the floor. .
  • Hold the pose and continue breathing. .
  • As you exhale, come back to a sitting position and relax. .
  • Repeat the posture with your fingers pointing in the opposite direction.

2. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward facing dog pose)

Adho Mukha Svanasana or the downward dog position will strengthen your arms and shoulders. Practicing this pose regularly will help you to get rid of the arm fat.


How to do it:

  1. Come onto your fours. Form a table such that your back forms the table top and your hands and feet form the legs of the table.
  2. As you breath out lift the hips up, straightening the knees and elbows, form an inverted V-shape with the body.
  3. Hands are shoulder width apart, feet are hip width apart and parallel to each other. Toes point straight ahead.
  4. Press your hands into the ground. Widen through the shoulder blades. Keep the neck lengthened by touching the ears to the inner arms.
  5. Hold the downward dog pose and take long deep breaths. Look towards the navel.
  6. Exhale. Bend the knees, return to table pose. Relax.

3. Bakasana (Crow Pose)

Bakasana or the crow pose is an excellent asana to strengthen your arms, forearms and wrists. It will also tone your tummy and improve body coordination.

How to do it:

  • Start in Malasana / Squat pose with the feet apart, knees wider than your hips.
  • Place your hands flat in front of you on the floor as if you were in Downward Facing Dog – middle finger pointing forward and with your fingers spread.
  • Firm your hands down, pressing through the whole of the hand and your finger tips.
  • Keeping your elbows bent, lift the hips high.
  • Place your knees on the back of your upper arms as high up as you can, or squeeze the outer upper arms with your knees. Hug the knees and elbows into your mid-line, exhale and round strongly through the upper back drawing your side waist up, using your abdominals.
  • Then, squeezing in and up, bring the weight forward so the elbows end up straight over the wrist, bent at 90 degrees.
  • Inhale, reach the heart forward and let one foot come up, then bring the other to meet it if possible. Bring the heels and big toes together.
  • Stay for about 5/10 breaths all the time pressing firmly through the hands to feel the rebound lift.
  • Exhale and come back into a squat position when you are ready

4. Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose)

Chaturanga Dandasana or the four-limbed staff pose will improve the strength of your arms and help you lose arm fat.


How to do it:

  • Perform Adho Mukha Svanasana, then Plank Pose. Firm your shoulder blades against your back ribs and press your tailbone toward your pubis.
  • With an exhalation slowly lower your torso and legs to a few inches above and parallel to the floor. There’s a tendency in this pose for the lower back to sway toward the floor and the tailbone to poke up toward the ceiling. Throughout your stay in this position, keep the tailbone firmly in place and the legs very active and turned slightly inward. Draw the pubis toward the navel.
  • Keep the space between the shoulder blades broad. Don’t let the elbows splay out to the sides; hold them in by the sides of the torso and push them back toward the heels. Press the bases of the index fingers firmly to the floor. Lift the top of the sternum and your head to look forward.
  • Chaturanga Dandasana is one of the positions in the Sun Salutation sequence. You can also practice this pose individually for anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds. Release with an exhalation. Either lay yourself lightly down onto the floor or push strongly back to Adho Mukha Svanasana, lifting through the top thighs and the tailbone.

5. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

Bhujansana or the cobra pose is effective in reduce the arm fat and make them stronger. It also improves blood circulation.

How to do it:

  • Lie flat on your stomach. Place your hands on the side and ensure that your toes touch each other.
  • Spread out your fingers such that they are wide and slightly curled. Grip the floor with the corners of your hands so that a small pocket of air is trapped between your palms and the mat.
  • Inhale and stretch from the heels to the crown of your head.
  • You need to arch your neck backward in an attempt to replicate the cobra with the raised hood. But make sure your shoulder blades are firm, and your shoulders are away from your ears.
  • Press your hips, thighs, and feet to the floor.
  • Hold the asana for about 15 to 30 seconds while breathing normally. Feel your stomach pressed against the floor. With practice, you should be able to hold the asana for up to two minutes.
  • To release the pose, slowly bring your hands back to the sides. Rest your head on the ground by bringing your forehead in contact with the floor. Place your hands under your head. Then, slowly rest your head on one side and breathe.

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